What is your style of photography?

I don't like to define my approach to photography as a specific style or genre. I am constantly learning from new couples, discovering what works for them, and what light & scenes make pleasing photos. I prefer to offer posing suggestions to my couples and photograph what I like from those moments. Ideally, my couples are comfortable, happy, and easy to laugh. 

Photography AND video? Awesome! But how do you do both, are you a wizard?

Yes, yes, and no. I love being able to offer my couples photography and highlight-film coverage of their wedding day. When I provide hybrid coverage, I always prioritize photographs. I choose specific moments to capture short video clips that are edited into a highlight film of the day. For moments that only happen once, I have two cameras with me both able to capture photo & video. The benefit of hiring me for hybrid coverage is having less photographers onsite distracting from the important moments. 

How do we find out your availability, pricing, and book with you?

You can reach out through my contact form to check for availability, pricing and to schedule a chat to make sure we are a good fit. 

How many photos can we expect in our gallery?

I typically deliver between 500-700 print-ready images to an online gallery... while we are on the subject, I always urge my couples to print their photos, whether it be through the online gallery, or on your own. Photos are meant to be printed, held, and displayed proudly in your home.